INSIDERS TALK: Best practices state LOBBYING MANUALS – legislative and executive agency


Insiders Talk Series

The Insiders Talk series of six best practices lobbying manuals trains advocates to influence legislating by state legislatures and administrative agencies. The series introduces novices to state lobbying (manual 1, 100 pgs.), teaches advocates legislative language and concepts (manual 2, 92 pgs.), and how to plan and implement an effective state legislative lobbying campaign (manual 3, 295 pgs.) Manuals 4 (234 pgs., no contractor hired) and 5 (488 pgs., detailed contractor/campaign management) train advocates to navigate behind-the-scenes legislative players and processes. Administrative agencies complete the legislating process through executive agency rulemaking (manual 6, 295 pgs.)

Robert L. Guyer

State Lobbyist, Author, Attorney, Lobbying Coach

Guyer’s six Insiders Talk lobbying manuals show: 1) aspiring lobbyists how to prepare for and find a job, 2) how to speak the language of lobbying, and 3) design and implement a basic lobbying campaign. 4) Winning with Lobbyists, Readers edition, the lite version of the Professional edition, is the next step going deeper into the lobbying process and understanding its players. 5) The Professional Edition guides lobbyist-employers and contract lobbyists in maximizing their returns on investment of political capital, labor, and money. 6) Finally, you don’t have a law until the implementing executive agency says you have a law, and nobody knows what a law means until the agency says what it means. Guide to Executive Branch Agency Rulemaking shows you in rulemaking how to keep what the legislature gave you or get from agencies what the legislature wouldn’t.
Twenty-five states over the years have accredited his live seminar(s) for continuing legal education for attorneys. Other professional associations have accredited the seminars for continuing professional education.


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